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Culinary Arts

Culinary 1

This CTE course is the first course in the Culinary Arts career pathway. The course introduces students to the fundamentals of culinary arts, beginning with preparatory steps for becoming a successful restaurant and foodservice professionals. Students learn kitchen basics, business math, and how to work effectively with others, including developing successful customer relations. Training is provided in all aspects of food handling safety to prepare students for ServSafe certification. 


Culinary 2

This CTE course is the second course in the Culinary Arts career pathway. The course provides training focusing on nutritional guidelines and menus, as well as processes for preparing breakfast foods, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables, salads and garnishes, potatoes and grains, desserts and baked goods, meat, poultry, seafood, stocks, soups, and sauces. The function and maintenance of foodservice equipment is also included. 


Certification: ServSafe